Rolled hem how to sew using a sewing machine

This is a blog post on how to sew a rolled hem. A rolled hem is a useful hem to use when it comes to sewing flounces or any edges of fabric the are curvy or circular. It’s seen on my dress that I have used the same hem on this old blog post on adjusting a pattern to fit small bust. It’s a hem that will finish those flounce sleeves otherwise if using conventional hems with just folding over the fabric it just ends up a messy finish rather than a professional finish. It can be used in skirt hems that are circular in nature.

How to sew a rolled hem

The best way to sew it using a sewing machine. It is possible to hand sew it however I can take a longer time.

rolled hem setting on janome machine

Most modern sewing machines even the basic entry ones do come with a rolled hem attachment. To sew a rolled hem using a sewing machine one will have use this attachment. The special or beauty of using it is at controls how much fabric is needed to make a rolled hem. Conventional/ ordinary sewing setting just wouldn’t do this task. Some sewing machines allows setting the type of stitch one would like as well straight or zigzag.

rolled hem attachment

It will look like the picture below. Another tip is that it uses very little fabric so one might one to consider trimming off the excess fabric before stitching.

sewing rolled hem

To start of sewing is to sew a bit of conventional hem so that the fabric can be feed into the attachment. Just try feed the same amount of fabric all the time. Otherwise it will look rather uneven. Normally ordinary straight stitch is used. It is possible to use a zigzag stitch as well. Personally I think zigzag stitches are great for fabrics that fray easily.

finished rolled hem

As I said it’s a great way to finish of hems that have are curvy. For an example like sewing flounce sleeves or any part of a garment that has got flounces.

Thank you for dropping by. While you are here when you have time have a look at my other posts like sewing invisible hem.

sewing rolled hem
sewing rolled hem

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