how to sew velvet fabric

How to sew velvet fabric at home

This is a blog post on how to sew velvet fabric. Velvet fabrics are lovely to feel and luxurious-looking fabrics. Which are normally use for special occasion garments or home items like cushions and curtains. Some use silk viscose fabric as devore where the velvet top of the fabric burns away with chemicals. Here is how it is done. It can be plain or with a pattern.

Velvet fabrics come in silk or viscose sometimes in cotton backing. The ones that are much more stiff in nature are much easier to see with. The velvet that are made from silk are notoriously difficult to handle. It is a bit like sewing with sheer fabrics. This is because the fabric tends to move easily.

Printed pattern velvet fabric

How to sew velvet fabric

It makes cutting out the fabric less accurate as a result. Sewing patterns that are of drape and loose-fitting are more forgiving when is not perfect cut from fabric. This is not to say one can’t achieve accuracy it just that it tends to move a lot. As one would have thought an accurate cut is achieved but only to find out it has moved to another end of the pattern. In order to minimize movement is always double-check that there no movement since the fabric been pinned or weight down.

Gathered velvet skirt

Choose patterns that drapery and flowing feel. It is possible to see with tailored pattern but it is best suited for stiff velvet fabrics.

Velvet fabrics also tends to fray easily. So always overlock to prevent the edges from fraying even more.

It is the same with hems and zips. It would help to check that it falls in right place before sewing.

Also when it comes to unpicking the stitches be gentle when trying to undo the stitches. Don’t force ad pull the fabric apart as it would tear the fabric.

how sew velvet fabric
Silk velvet dress

When it comes to matching with other fabrics try to use the same but different pattern color velvet fabric. As the texture would be the same with another fabric like silk twill or viscose. It is possible to use other types of fabrics for lining but not so when it comes to the main garment as the drape is different. Velvet has its own unique feel.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other sewing posts like sewing with sheer (chiffon) and tweed fabrics.

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