growing and harvesting spring onion

Growing and harvesting spring onion

This blog post is about growing and harvesting spring onions at home. Spring onions are easy to grow and versatile ingredient in cooking. I use Lisbon spring onion variety and they grew quite well and hassle free. I bought some seeds a few years back and they are still viable. Spring onions don’t need much protection from aphids and slugs as they don’t seem to like them very much.

However, spring onions do like some space to grow otherwise they will be thin in appearance.

Growing and harvesting Spring onions

Growing and harvesting spring onions
Spring onions

To grow spring onions get to hold some seeds from garden centers or online seed suppliers. It is also possible to grow them from shop-bought ones. They germinate easily from seeds. Although if sown in early March they will be sown under covers. Plant out when the risk of ground frost is over. As young seedling needs to harden off before planting out and wouldn’t survive on cold frosty grounds. It’s possible to sow until early August. It will take about 8 weeks to grow from seed.

To grow spring onion from cutting. Leave about 1 cm of spring onion heads with roots when chopping them. Let it root by leaving it in a small bowl of water. Wait for a few days. Once it’s roots has grown or there is signs of growth it is ready to be planted out.

Growing and harvesting spring onion
Young spring onion plants

Grow spring onion in a well-drained soil otherwise, they will rot. They are to harvest when the leaves are tall, green, and healthy look. For continuous harvest just snip the leaves off with a pair of scissors. Otherwise, just pull them off at the roots.

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Gorwing and harvesting spring onion

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