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How to make your own shopping/ shoulder bag

Here is a blog post and review on how to make your own shopping/ shoulder bag. I have recently been to the knitting and stitching show at Olympia, London. it’s a show that is held twice a year. Here is an blog post about it. What a haul I have got myself this time?!! Enough to last till the next show lol!! I just love making and crafting things at home since I was young. It is just so much more satisfying compare to shop bought ones.

I bought a bag making pack from a store exhibition there called quilting antics. Here is the link to their website. The kit that comes with the fabrics and pattern cost me £46. I thought I just treat myself instead of buying just the pattern.

lollipop bag

To be honest I found out about this lovely bag just by coincidence!! I saw a lady outside the Olympia train station with this bag and she told where she got it from. It just love this bags cute house pattern designs.

Most of the exhibitors at the Knitting and stitching show were small business from all over the UK. So I always try to spend my money so as to support them rather than high street retailers.

It was an excuse to replace my 7 year old Marc jacobs shopping bag. I love it and have use it to death by now. Time for a replacement. 

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As I said the pack came with a pattern and fabrics but not wadding, bondaweb (it’s a double sided iron on facing the sticks two fabric together, it comes with a layer of glue on side and other a peel off paper) and fabric marker (alternative is to use pins if you are good in using them to mark on fabric). The instructions were very clear though no step by step photos/ illustrations. I am use to making garments, most patterns do come with a set of illustrations.Otherwise nowadays there is always google and youtube.

lollipop bag design

Sewing the bag

If you are use to making garments this is a easy peasy. Trust me all you need is to sew straight lines. However, accurate cutting and pressing is required. This is to make the pattern look professional made rather than home sewn. Especially with strips of different fabric going across to make the pattern. A bit like quilting and doing pattern match.  As there are lines across the bag which requires some accuracy in your measurements. The bag is lined as well. 

my personalise embroidery

As this is first bag making attempt, at the back of my head I kept on wondering how am I going to get the lining and turn it inside out it is fairly easy. 

turning bag inside out

All you need to know is how to make the bag corner once you have done the house and circle patterns. It is simple. Below is the photo i taken of the bag and lining. Also make up all the embroidery or any personalise you want to to do beforehand like pockets, etc. 

the final result will look like this outside.

I also have a look at my well made Marc jacobs bag and compare notes with my own. It is great way to hack and teach yourself on how to make the pattern work for you. That’s how I teach myself to do things I struggle.

inside of lollipop bag

Other big pattern companies (Like Burda, Vogue, Simplicity) do bag making patterns as well. Here is a link to one of them. In my own humble opinion the patterns aren’t as cute as this one. 

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