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How to sew pyjama bottom

Recently I have bought a load of beautiful fabrics on eBay. They are gorgeous.  As these fabric are made out of cotton jersey I have decided to make some pyjamas out of them. Therefore this post is on how to sew pyjama. It’s my new series on sewing loungewear. after a recent series on sewing with sheer fabrics. 

I have also another blog post on easy to sew blouse where no knowledge of pocket or zip sewing is required here is the link to it.

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How to sew pyjamas

cotton print

Anyway let’s get to the point, I got these lovely cotton jersey fabric which will make a great children’s wear.  Pyjamas need to be comfortable as you will be sleeping or lounging in it. Especially on weekends when I am not in a rush to go to work. I wear them as long as possible.

It is not necessary to use stretch fabric as some pyjamas are made out of cotton flannel. Pyjamas can be made from all types of fabrics from top end silk viscose to cheap polyester. all depends on how much one can afford and willing to spend.

Sewing patterns

simplicity 9250 pattern

The pattern I am using is a pattern that I have around many years ago. It is a Simplicity Easy to Sew pattern 9250. It is quite an old pattern in 1996. I suppose styles of pyjamas don’t change much over the years. Here is a link to more pyjama/ pajama patterns that are currently available online for sale. 

I have made some progress since. After cutting out the pattern I have found that I have only got enough to make a bottom but not enough to make the top. So if I wanted to I will have to get out and buy more fabric. I have been busy with other sewing projects as well. I got another two other on the go at the same time!! My sewing machine is working time at the moment.

It’s dead easy on how to sew pyjamas bottom all you need as a sewing machine, overlocker and an elastic band and that’s it.

Of course, if I making the pyjama top I will need some buttons as well but that’s it.

gucci pink cotton print

The cotton jersey fabric is a bit stretch but nothing will stop one from sewing. If it overstretches a good tip is to use a double needle and zig zag stitch and that’s should sort the challenges out. Here a link to a post that has just been published on how to sew stretch fabric.

I got a huge stash so before I got out and buy anymore I need to sew or made all these fabrics I have into clothes as soon as possible.

There is the bi-annual (twice a year) Knitting and stitching show coming up at end of this month as well. So let’s get crafting and sewing!!

Sewing pajama bottom
Sewing pajama bottom

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