Italian sewing magazines a review

Here is my first hand experience of buying Italian sewing magazines while I was there in August. I love buying sewing magazines rather than patterns as you can get so many patterns in one magazine. Well that was at least with Burda magazine the UK edition. I have bought previously sewing magazines here in the UK and they just don’t offer much patterns thrown into the magazine. Here is an old blog post on why I use burda style magazines.

While on a long summer holiday in the middle of Italian countryside during that time I miss my monthly burda issue and decided to buy the italian version one instead. They don’t have any magazines in English except on special order. After all nowadays there is google translate app on the mobile phone that uses your camera’s phone. All you need to do is to align the text on your phone.  

italian sewing magazines

Buying Italian sewing magazines

Iniitally I bought the Italian version of  burda style from the supermarket and it came with Burda giovane (young) & easy for free. Never had that in the UK. There is also another version on Burda giovane (young) & easy in which I have never seen in the newsagents back in the UK.

La mia Boutique

I then decided to look at other sewing pattern magazine and just got bought a variety of them. Most notably was La mia Boutique which is sold worldwide, Yes you can find it here online in the UK from Newsstand or Unique magazines. The price is more than double of what you will pay in Italy ??!! $5.50 euros and £14. I have used in the past both online newagent and their service is fast and reliable.

La mia also comes in different version there as well, there is La mia Boutique Collezione, Lia mia Moda besides the regular La mia Boutique. La mia Boutique Collezione was very interesting although a quaterly issue but it come not one but 2 magazines. Seems like a trend going there of giving you extra issues. I found La mia Boutique was a much more younger designs but it comes with about 30 + patterns Instructions are a bit like burda styke. Lia mia boutique collezione is the same you get about 30+ patterns. La mia Moda is less about 20+ pattern.

Carta Modelli

I also bought Carta Modelli which has got more classic everyday design. More subtle colours whereas La mia Boutique had more bright, sequin, tiger prints something which I don’t see in Burda style at all. 

I have yet to make any outfits from them yet so will write a review once I get round to understand the sizes in the magazines. As it is like size 40 !! on a very slim model ?? I have since made a few garments from La mia magazine and it’s actually quite nice and easy even with the language barrier.

italian sewing magazines

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