vietnamese beef wrap

Vietnamese beef wrap homemade recipe

This is a blog post on making Vietnamese beef wrap recipe. This is street food recipe that uses perilla leaves which can be found in big Asian grocers. I use betel but leaves as a substitute as it gives the same flavour. It is basically a pan fried meat wrap. By wrapping it preserves the flavour of the beef. It is possible to use a variety of different flavours in this recipe. I use a combination of chinese and south-east asian flavours so do experiment with different types or combination of spices. For my other asian insipired recipe here is one on runner bean spicy salad.

vietnamese beef wrap

Vietnamese beef wrap recipe


500 grms of lean minced beef

2 stalks of fat end of lemongrass (as this where the most flavourful bit) finely chopped

2-3 tablespoonful finely chopped coriander

3 cloves of fresh garlic finely minced garlic

1 teaspoonful of chopped or grated garlic

1 teaspoonful of five-spice powder

1-2 teaspoon fish or soy sauce

a few turns of black pepper grinder

£1 worth of fresh betel nut leaves (you will get about nice size 10 leaves) from indian grocers

2 tablespoon of cooking oil for frying

To serve

200 grams of rice vermicelli cooked

2 tablespoon of ground peanut

2 fresh red chillies finely sliced

1 tablespoon fried onions

vietnamese beef wrap


First of all marinate the minced beef by adding all of the ingredients together except for betel leaves, cooking oil and serving ingredients. Mix well all the ingredients together. Leave it to marinate for at least 20 minutes in the fridge.

Then lay the about a small handful (about 1-2 tablespoon) of mixed minced beef on one of the betel leaves in one corner and roll it up. This so that it will hold the mixture inside. Roll all the meat up in the betel leaves till it’s finished.

Then heat the oil in a frying pan and pan fry the rolled up betel leaves. Fry the beef is cook inside. this is shown when the leaves started shirvel up and a few meat juices start to pour out. once cooked take it off the heat.

Lay in onto top of the cooked rice vermicelli noodle and add the rest of the serving ingredients. Enjoy with a bit of sri racha sauce. It is also possible to just serve it with some rice and salad.

Vietnamese beef wrap

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