elderberry cutting

Growing elderberry from cutting

Here is a blog post on growing elderberry. I can about growing my own elderberry after looking at an ivy trying to kill my elderberry tree by growing all the tree!! Poor elderberry tree it just have not got any room to grow.

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elderberry tree covered with ivy

I have also been looking on the internet eg Ebay to buy an elderberry tree as a replacement. They cost just so expensive!! £30 for a tree in the winter, I have to think twice about it. Now recently I have found out that you can buy a shrub from Thompson and Morgan for £3.99. so you know do look around. Either than if you can get access to a branch/ cutting you are good to go.

Then I came across on Pinterest about growing elderberry from cutting. Who would have thought of that!! All the need to do is to chop a few young branches off the existing tree ?!! So excited I found a free and cheap solution to answer my probelm.

elderberry cutting

As you see, elderberry has so much uses. They are easy to grow. Provided well as I have found out free from ivy. The flowers are great for making cordial. Elderberry can be made into jams. Plus for fabric dyeing. So much uses for it. Love growing edibles that has got so many uses.

To grow elderberry

One needs to to is to cut some young cuttings with some young shoots intact and then put in a jar of water. In a sunny, humid spot. It will take more than 6 weeks to root. Some say to put some rooting powder/ hormone to help. I didn’t and it is still growing plenty of new young roots. Beat to cut the cutting during the start of growing season. Plus you really don’t want to start growing anything in the winter. As most plants go into hibernation that time. Plus it will be too cold to plant out and need to be kept indoors or a heated greenhouse.

elderberry cuttings starting to root

I will keep this updated as I go along but that’s about it I found. It’s the same as growing lemongrass on can root it in water and you are done. Here is link to that postGrowing Lemongrass.

growing elderberry from cutting

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