Italian sewing magazines a review

Here is my first hand experience of buying Italian sewing magazines while I was there in August. I love buying sewing magazines rather than patterns as you can get so many patterns in one magazine. Well that was at least with Burda magazine the UK edition. I have bought previously sewing magazines here in the … Read more

Tayberry growing and harvesting

During the summer time, I had harvested some tayberry in my garden back in London. This post is on tayberry growing and harvesting at home. Tayberry is an unusual berry that is not seen in shops or supermarkets. However, the young shoots or plants are sold in supermarkets and garden centres in March or April. … Read more

Vegan alternative what can be used instead in diet

Over the recent years there is a lot of written and telly programmes on vegan alternative diet. Why we should be think of it? How cows and the commercial world is doing for our environment. Climate change for our future generations to come. So with this it has brought many ideas to our household diet. … Read more