Growing and harvesting mashua

This blog post is about growing and harvesting mashua. Mashua is a tuber-like an oca tuber. It’s scientific name is Tropaeolum tuberosum. It has origins from the Andes. The Andes climate has similar to the UK, therefore, it is suitable to grow in overcast misty climates. I have been growing it for about 3 years … Read more

Elderflower cordial making it at home

This is a blog post on how to make elderflower cordial at home. Elderflower comes from elderflower tree which is easy grown. To make this cordial you will need to find some fresh elderflower. They are normally available some time end of April to early June. As they are easily grown they are found along … Read more

Atelier brunette Paris review

Atelier Brunette shopping trip

This is a blog post on the Atelier brunette Paris review. Atelier Brunette is a, in my opinion, a mid-range market sewing and haberdashery shop. In the recent years, haberdashery shops have revolved from dinghy packed DIY-like shops to more mid-range market shops. This is also in the UK a wave of independent suppliers that … Read more