Using amaranth as a fabric dye

dye pot 1

It’s now mid-October, I have a bit of amaranth grown in my garden. A good harvest as they say. I grew the amaranth in the allotment in Italy. And they grew like weeds. Nothing like I have seen before. I have decided to make some fabric dye out of them. I have found out that … Read more

Make your own Matthew Williamson kaftan (from a free pattern)

free pattern

linkIt is not always one stumble upon a free pattern on the web. Here I found a free pattern and it is to make a Matthew Williamson (he is a British fashion designer) kaftan Make your own kaftan It’s a newspaper article online not another one of those sign your life (email address) away links. I … Read more

How I started dressmaking. Why make your own garments?

why dressmake?

This post was made back in the days of my old domain on hosted domain called at that time I was still very new to blogging. this post is about why I started dressmaking. Why one should make your own garments? Why learn sewing? This post does contains affiliate links which means I make … Read more

Mono print on screen

At the moment I am still my niche of what I like to make or do with textiles. There is just so many to choose from!! Weaving, spinning wool, knitting, embriordery and so on. I have just recently done a direct mono print onto habotai silk. The results are pretty amazing however the images are … Read more